Our clients work with us to concentrate on starting, funding, and running sustainable nonprofit businesses that operate effectively and efficiently in every way.

Churches and nonprofits work with us to bridge the gap between how their organization operates and how their organization brings in funding.

The process of serving your community is not built in a silo. Having the support of your community is both critical and necessary. Being able to have strategic partnerships, and building community relationships will not only help you survive but thrive as a nonprofit church.


Fund The Vision Assessment

This one-hour session will start with our Fund The Vision Assessment.  A 50 questions powerful tool will let us know exactly where your organization is right now, how to turn around an underfunded vision, and the exact steps you need to take customized for you inside a 12-month plan.


Nonprofit Incorporation and Tax Exemption Services 

Clerical assistance to file documentation with the state and federal governments to obtain 501(c)3 status and business development.

First we offer a nonprofit consult to answer your key startup questions.


Organizational Capacity Building Training

Developing & Increasing the internal infrastructure of the church or non-profit businesses to become more sustainable.  You'll be guided in the areas of organizational assessment, board, fund and program development, plus strategic planning.


Onsite Presentations or Workshops

Looking to host an onsite event with a group of leaders or individuals in your church denomination, sector, or community.  In person and virtual experiences are available.

Nonprofit Training and Facilitation 

Organizations receive expert training for their staff in one of the specific Nonprofit Success Factors. includes standard materials, preparation time, and preparatory consultation calls with stakeholders.

Nonprofit Strategic Planning & Visioning

Designed to provide you with a complete assessment of the quality of your organization so that we can customize a visioning plan. We examine your goals, measures, strategies and monitoring process to identify the strengths of your existing plan as well as areas that may warrant attention and possible adjustments.

Funding Enhancement & Operations Management Consulting

Scaling the existing community program model to include additional funding streams and new programmatic arms.

Program Building & Operations Management Consulting

Eliminating the many activities ministries provide in their communities by developing their core community program, streamlining systems, and managing their processes in order to concentrate on funding growth.

Fund The Vision Growth Consulting 

Building new, or increasing the efficiency of the existing ministry businesses within the positioning effect culture and funding models. This is our most complete 12-month consulting package. 


Looking For Additional Self-Paced Training For Your Staff?  Visit our Online Learning Center at The Fundable Church